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Invincible upgrade

His laughter shocked the world and wept ghosts and gods Even the hell of the underworld produced a slight shaking and the mind of the king of the underworld was shocked Demon Yang Hong's expression changed greatly but he didn't expect to see him for a few days Qin Tian had another amazing adventure and he could turn into an ancient demon the body of the devil Threatening and oppressing Yang Hong regarded Qin Tian as an opponent for the first time Looking at the enchanting Qin Tian Yin Han said lightly "There has not been a world-shaking Miscellaneous genius like you for thousands of years It's a pity that you shouldn't offend me shouldn't offend me Yang Hong shouldn't provoke the Yang family" "Today I will tear you to pieces" Yang Biao's death greatly stimulated Yang Hong at this time his body breath expansion turbulence only anger is his only vent point retrograde breakthrough failure has caused great damage to his body if not for the strong Qigong I'm afraid at this time he has been taken away by evil spirits With the outbreak point the turbulence in Yang Hong's body was quickly dredged and his heart was calm Looking at Qin Tian both hands an illusion a huge square day painting halberd appeared in the hands gently with the force of ten thousand Jun tyrannical strong wind A powerful breath Qin Tian the body of the devil felt this powerful breath and felt a shock in his heart... (More)


Xuan Ji's ethereal steps

Luo Tianci suddenly found that Meng Po had pulled out the knife that had been plunged into her own heart and was tracing the old man's back ready to throw it over As a result he was so frightened that his heart tightened and he cried out in a panic "Old man be careful of plotting!" As soon as his words began to come out of his mouth Meng Po had already raised her sword and shouted with a Flavors and Fragrances sharp roar "Old ghost if you dare to break the old body's disintegration method the old body will fight with you!" As a matter of fact the old man had been on guard for a long time He didn't even hide when he heard the sound He just turned around and caught the knife just right At the same time he waved the silver silk bag that had sucked away the tiny black spots fiercely in front of her He shouted in a harsh voice If you don't pull out the knife and plot against her I still have no way to punish you so I have to let you die quietly Now that the ban is gone let yourself have a taste of what it's like to be eaten back by all kinds of evil! With a wave of the silver silk bag those tiny black spots had already flown out of the bag like flying bees returning to their nests and rushed into the knife edge... (More)